BIG or big

I just wacthed one of the reality series, Kimora… and i like to quote something from the series.

To win BIG u have to play BIG.

This quote is quite so call close to me and has a sentimental effect.

This is my first time to roll back on game and play big, play big figures and play with big people. In order to do that, i got to think big.

But playing big is not that as easy as selling kerepek. Plus most of the time, playing big means you must start with a big capital. How to do that when i don’t have those.

I will write again on this topic next time. But Kimore added, BIG risk comes with BIG returns.


Husam The New Reborn

It has been years that i didn’t write in blog anymore. I believe it could be three to four years already. But since then, i was a loyal blog reader especially the blog written by Tun Mahathir.

I even forgot my old password from many of my previous blogs.

So i called it a new reborn, as i will write again. And this time i hope i could inspire more people as my writing will touch on many occasion on my personal life.