When i was in UTP…..

I wasnt a nerd student.

I wasnt the most brilliant student too.

I dont have any routine of going to library or study group or whatever. Yes my first year wasnt a good year  but following year people call me the brilliant group.

I scored Encik Mat Nor Rosli’s subject with full marks. He said nobody ever get a full marks for his subject. But Im not good with numbers and programming. I failed my C++ and after that I learnt that I have to be in their team where nobody wants them but they are the scorer in programming, the nerdy vietnamese. Their English horrible and very bad in presentation. We made a good partnership and I manage to get good marks. Madam Azizan Zainal Abidin even given me a personal tutorial but my otak batu with mathematics doesnt work. Just cukup cukup makan. But I know how to calculate risks and profit where others dont.

I was running a small business importing music instruments in large quantity from Egypt, Syria and Turkiye. I came out in newspaper tv etc. Those days I will keep all the articles about me and frame it. Today nomore….

Whenever there is any opportunity that I have a whole day with no class definitely I will be in KL searching for new opportunity, attending musical events because thats how I will get my client. Almost everybody in the music know me from Pak Ngah, M Nasir, pengarah muzik of this and that organization will know me because I was the only one who import darabuka and professional oud into this country.

Oh I went for weekend parties too. That was my wildest al mushrikin jahiliah time, and I dont feel shy to admit it. There was only one place in Ipoh that all our gang know, salam and katipoh. Oh to shopping craver like me who love to lepak and eat, we know every corner of Ipoh, Manjung, Lumut etc. We know where is the best food.

I even bought my 85k car with my own pocket money. Those days bapak yang beli.

I really enjoyed my teenage time.

For your record, almost everyone in UTP know me and even Rector to safai to makcik kantin to kak maznah to abang sukan all know me. Im a favourite to many lecturers too! Some lecturers turned out to become my family where i dont call them sir or madam but kakak and abang.

I never say to myself that I am busy…..I just know how to manage and Im enjoying managing my life. Thats it!

So my dear adik adik….. please dont tell me that your life is so miserable because you are a student. I just cant accept it.

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