Just for sharing….

We had 2 events simultenously today. One organised by public sector (gomen laaaa apa lagi) and another one was a private initiative.

The public sector has 5 star facility, with nice arab tent, stage, celebrity and officiated by minister. It was in Tasik Permaisuri.

The other one in Bangsar Village. No opening ceremony….koboi saja.

Both were sales oriented. Not meant for networking or branding publicity.

The private sector we made sales equal to a down payment for a national car.

The other one with 5 star facility nak makan Tarbush pon tak lepas. Aku tengok kau kau tengok aku….aku beli barang kau kau beli barang aku. Artis atas pentas buat show dekat hantu.

Bila laaaaa kita nak berubah mentaliti….

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