4 years ago i was a tenant to my current apartment which today i own it. I was in rush and i wanted a house near to my project base in KL.

I managed to find a house which i dont really like but i got no choice.

Hence i put a condition to the owner, she must paint the whole house with pearl white nippon paint and fix the kitchen, toilet and few other things.

The owner was so happy and got shocked with it because she never had any tenant like me before. Mostly they have ‘penyewa dari neraka’ (tenant from the hell).

I paid one whole sum rental for the year of 2011 and the owner suzziana mohd sabu (bukan nama sebenar) happily enjoy a year without headache because they dont have to worry to collect or chase the rental.

The first day i brought my expensive Janine furnitures, my antique of 17th and 18th century, my Nepal antique TV cabinet, and other precious personal art collections…… and I just realized the wall was painted with fucking cheap white undercoat where i can see the old hideous colour and it will stick to your shirt if you lean to the wall.

Not enough with that, there were holes everywhere on the wall, no toilet hose in the main bathroom, outside toilet bowl was broken and i cannot fix the flush, some places were not painted and many more……..

I have no choice, i have to hire a contractor to do and fix everything in one day! And they charge me a lot.

I spoke to the owner about this and I wanted to claim, they seems to be ingnorent. I cant deduct for my rental because I paid for the whole year.

After a month I lived in the house, suddenly the water was cut off. Why? The owner did not pay the maintenance for 2 years!

People always hear about tenant from hell……but today im telling you I have the landlord from the lowest hell…narr al-jaheim.


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