Najib used to say What else Chinese want? And it has become national headline.

Chinese were not happy with that headline. Even few of my Chinese friends were not happy.

But after I read through comments from Antdaily, I want to ask the same.

What else do you want?

They keep playing the same racial card on NEP. Saying that NEP is a failure and shold be abolished. NEP made us even lazier and MARA education level is low.

Let me tell you something my other Malaysian friend.

Because of NEP i got my education support. Because of NEP too i manage to get my seed fund to start my small business and today we are a multi million revenue making in a year.

Because of these policies as well today I have friends from doctors, engineers, lawyers and many professional…..

Because of the policy we created a huge Malay middle class, who can earn better, have more buying power, shop and spend.

Of course NEP has some loop hole. But dont make because of this the entire policy is a failure and shouldve been blame.

But I agree today, we need a better policy to take over NEP, but NEP for the last 30 years made a prosper Malaysia today. Hence do not blame and play a racial card on NEP.

What do we need today? We need one school system and I will throw away my Malay bumi status when the day where we all are Malaysian with only one school system.  There is only one Sekolah Kebangsaan.


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