My answer to Abang Saiful, stating that the system has problem. The Malaysian mentality has problem. Its not me……. I dont have the problem.

I can just BUAT BODO and PERGI MAMPOSLAH to our usahawan friends and live my life happily. Doing trade with Thailand and Vietnam and jist think about my own pocket.

But thats not me. When people come and ask for help I will try to help. I am a patriotic person, thats why i speak out when I think its not right and its not good for our country. Its a shameful to my parents who brought me up very well and gave me good education and i could do nothing for my own country.

“The system has the problem. One rule is not for all. U know market better than me. Rule for Europe doesnt work for Saudi Arabia. If it does, why there is only one Malaysian company doing food trade operating in the country while others even MNCs did not success compared to Malaysian in London we are more successfull over there.

I used to tell F&N, despite your size  of the company, considering your capital strength as a public listed, well equipped human resource, attending exhibitions organised by matrade and FFM every year, you have been trying to enter the market since 9 years ago……but only through me you only manage to brake the Saudi market, there must be something that you dont know which this boy knows.


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