1. Why did you decide to enter this space, when Malaysia has plenty of wet markets around?

This is the next, and we must start now before others started. In fact in this already starting. Everyone are going online from urban city people and even from small town to villagers. We love to be the first and we would like to claim that we are first online foodmart in Malaysia and the biggest kampung food you will get it online.

2. Does your business have a stated mission statement, the reason that this business exists?

We just want to help the cottage industry, small traders, single mother making sambal for a living, SME products etc etc and online the answer to solve their current problem in distribution network and market size. There is a loop hole and we just fill in.

3. How do you stack up against other online retailers like Tesco online, Redtick, Presto etc?

They are big, we are very small. But we are here and we are exist. We have products that they never have, unique and rare products that you never imagine and we deliver worldwide. Our competitors have their own limitation.

4. What makes you different?

As i said, we are very unique and have products that other do not have. Can you imagine more than 100 types of sambal in our inventory, 30 types of pekasam, 12 types of budu and many more and its from all over the country. There is no one till today that can offer what we can do. We are not doing different thing but they we do is do different and thats our forte.

5. How do they continue staying innovative & different to stay ahead of the competition?

As i said 100 types of sambal is something that everyone could raise an eye brow and it will never stop. The number is increasing and everyday its getting more exciting.

6. How do you market your business? How are people aware of your business?

We are very small with extremely limited capital. Its a matter of word of mouth. Our investment on marketing is our product and our service. It speaks by itself. Our client range from housewives, students, professional up to royalty. They are out ambassadors and our marketing guerilla.

7. What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Our issue is only capacity and stock. Because we are doing with small traders and 99% vendors are from this group, we have to manage this issue. But we already how to do it after 16 months of experience.

8. What is the future for this type of business?

Future is wide. Market is huge. You interview me through email where traditionally you should have an eye to eye. Technology has taken the normal practice. Its a good indication and answered already your question.

9. What are some of the local businesses that you have joined with to help sell their products?

Next month Ramadhan we are having special collaboration with BIG Grocer and some of the selected product will be there under Malay Kitchen. Go and check us out.

End of the month we are opening our first flag store in Kuala Perlis and it will be the most trendy store in Northern Region!

10. What were the challenges you faced when you began selling their products on an international level?

Quality and standard.

11. What is so special about your bestselling product?

Our bestselling is out homebrand Premium Bawang Goreng (fried shallot) and it is the most expensive bawang goreng in Malaysia. Every KL socialite is talking about this bawang goreng and available in all Istana. This bawang goreng travels across the globe and has become Malaysia food ambassador. Ungu, the Indonesian famous group has been a fan to our product, the Singapore President, Brunei Royalty, London Aristocrat, Jeddah prominent family and many more. Thanks to our loyal customer who has been a patron and promote our product as her special gift, HRH Crown Princess of Pahang.

12. What are your future plans to innovate your website? Will you add more functions and features?

Yes, we are working on frozen item and multiple vendor as our boutique affliates. I cannot tell everything but just always tag along with us and keep on with our development.

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