Ni jawapan email saya bila ada separa gomen minta saya bantu mereka laksanakan projek basmi kemiskinan tetapi bila sampai hujung hujung projek dah siap dan buat keling pusing kot lain.

Saya yakin ramai rakan rakan di luar sana pernah mengalami masalah yang sama kerana hari ni saya berani jamin gomen semua lebih kurang sama saja. Ambil perhatian dan ambil tauladan dari kisah ini.

“Talking about sustainability, everything cannot promise sustainability if it is just a one off. Sustainability is too ambiguous and subjective but we can plan towards it base on our earlier explanation. Even our body cannot promise sustainability, today we are ok but maybe tonight we will sick. Today CIMB is the top player but tomorrow other competitors will take over the ranking.

So it is important to make sure the subject of being sustainable when all stakeholders work together hand in hand and closely and make sure everything is smooth and steadily. If one of the stakeholders making this project become difficult or make things difficult sustainable is not a topic to discuss.”

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