​Yesterday I went to LHDN Jln. Duta to find out what this letter about my 2014 income tax submission is all about. I was then told to go to LHDN Bandar at Raja Chulan as they said that the letter was issued out there. In my mind I thought that the system would be centralised and wondered why despite the upgrading of systems to electronic would still require us to go the specific office where the letter was being ‘issued’. Anyhow, I was informed to bring all my receipts of evidence which includes the EA 2014 form, and all my NGO and personal insurance contribution receipts. 
So today at 9.40pm went to the LHDN Bandar at Jln Raja Chulan and enquired at the customer service counter.
Personnel whom I would refer to as ‘Her’ attended to me:
Her: “Minta maaf,system kami down, Cik kena dtg balik” 
Me: “Bila agak-agak system ni ok?” 
Her: “Kami tak pasti” 
Me: “Selalunya 1 hari ke 2 hari ke..” 
Her: “Kadang-kadang 1 hari, tgk la tapi Selalunya petang ok, kami pun tgh tunggu notis IT, ataupun Cik boleh telefon kami.”
Me:” Ada tak nombor telefon yang ada orang angkat, sebab selalu saya call, busy, tak pernah ada orang angkat?” 
Her “(Fumbling), Cik cuba dtg lain kali la”
So I left the building. #mymoney #pleaseimprovethesystem #buangmasa #wastingtime #wastemoneyonparkingandfuel #apanilhdn


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