Bila ada orang complaint kata bawang goreng kami mahal sangat. Saya akan jawab ‘then orang tak panggil lah dia bawang goreng termahal di Malaysia’. Pergi Mydin they have bawang goreng plastik RM2.30 sepaket. Bens only for people who are willing to spend. People complaint but people still buy.

Bila ada orang tanya saya berapa saya charge untuk design produk, when I throw my number and people complaint….. mahalnya. Saya jawab, akak boleh call bannerking they charge only 50 ringgit but your product will look like a JKKK banner ikat tepi simpang 3 jalan. People complaint but people still talk about my design. 

When my partner said that some customers complaint product dekat kedai mahal. I said to my partner, don’t be soft, tell them in NSK Selayang in Malaysia i think its cheaper. We don’t get it free. Some people complaint but our stock finished.

Ada inquiry dari market baru, their purchase manager complaint, minta reduce harga kata bawang dan sambal sambal kami terlalu mahal. Saya jawab, we cannot negotiate a Bentley or a Porsche price over Toyota. Perhaps your customers audience are different. I dont know if they still want to import our product. I can suggest that they can import Sambal ready to eat Adabi and bawang goreng Nureys, they are cheap and I know them.

What is the moral of the story?

Know your market niche and know where to position yourself!


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