Things to do in Malaysia

1. Nasi lemak belakang rumah

2. Crispy cheezy chicken at Trust Issue with Anas Atarek

3. Salted egg sotong belakang rumah with Onisuka Issac and uncle Syed Fezriq Jamalullail

4. Ana ikan patin dengan udang galah sambal with Hin

5. Sushi Tei dan Kampachi alone!

6. Nasi kandar tong cat Dato Keramat with AH

7. Seafood tempat rahsia with AH

8. High tea di E&O with AH

9. Crab laksa at kar hoks 

10. Vegas and Hollywood with Saif Alsagoff and Iskandar Ken Alsagoff

11. Dinner with aunty Nora Abdullah

12. Apom lenggang with Nda Nur Rahmah

13. Hai Thien with SyauQi Amar Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil dll

14. Masak resepi baru ayam bunga lawang by Azizah Iskandar


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