story of poor american iranian.
hari sabtu lepas mohamed the iranian american came to see my  house,sebelum masuk pindah.jv bagi tau syarat2 sebelum dia bagi notice for flat murah downtown tu,supaya dia tau what to expect.and dtg check dulu.
68 years old mangsa stroke,sebelah badan lumpuh,kalau tak makan ubat sebelah mata tak bole tutp bila nak tidur,and in constant pain.nasib baik medical expenses covered by kerajaan.study electrical engineering for 3 years,quit lepas berkawin dgn omputih sini. marriage was so bad ,dia kata dia bole jadi gila kalau tak bercerai. ada anak sorang,but ex wife dapat full custody for the son.lepas kawin dia kerja dgn wallmart with minimun wage,and 90% of his income went to his child,anak to sekrg dah berjaya and kaya raya,but continue blaming and hating him,blaming him for being fat when he  was  child sebab bapak bagi duit bagi makan sedap.
if only he knew that the father was starving,so that he can live well.finally he put a stop 5 years ago,disconnet from his son sebab tak tahan kena hina.he is focusing on trying to be better and stronger.
of all poor people help  and   talked to for the last 8 months,Muhamed impressed me the most.because you know why? dia tak merungut,blaming takdir,kerajaan ex wife and son.he was just eager to keep trying every avenue he can think of and always gratefull with what he has despite everything
he received 780 monthly from disability.from that 450 for rent,140 for utilities, 40 for land line. no computer just and old small box tv..does not smoke,gamble or drink.eat out side very clean.he has a few shirt,and pants,one vacuum to clean carpet in his room.very minimal..and 110 food stamp.
bila jv interview dia,jv tanya berapa banyak dah saving,dia kata 6 months ago ada 6000$.1000 dalam bank and 5000 cash bawah tilam.bila dia masuk hospital ,org pech masuk apt dia and curi semua brg dan cash.he was back to square one.he started slowly saving. jv tanya kenapa tak simpan duit semua dalam bank? kan selamat tak kena rompak. dia kata as a poor citizen received benefits dia tak bole ada more than 1000 dalam bank,nanti kerajaan kancel semua financial assitance including the 780 allowance sebab consider dah tak miskin.
salah satu sebab dia excited pindah is to know dia bole simpan duit tanpa rasa ragu2 kena rompak. jv bagi tau dia yg jv bole tolong bukak satu bank acc just untuk dia simpan duit,sebab jv tak kasi dia simpan duit dalam rumah with so many people in my house.
dia kata dia sekrg sebtg kara,tak der keluarga cuma jv sorang jer.dia janji akan tolong apa yg terdaya kat rumah ni.bila dia bercerita pasal how anak dia tengking herdik marah dan hina dia dalam talipon,meleleh air mata dia.dia kata” the son is being brainwashed by the exwife,and there is nothing he can do to undo that ..dia kata” if only the son knew how he suffered and struggled  to raise him  financially from a distance.
I think he is true difinition of is not how much you make is how much you save.who would have thought org miskin kat sini ada saving.he sure proved me wrong.i i struggled to understand him,sebab mulut dia herot,cakap tak terang. i am more determined to help him to be better and stronger.the very least give him a better home


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