Happy Mothers Day to my TWO amazing mother….. Mummy u gave me life n Bonda u gave me ur life ….. i am blessed to have been given by Allah swt, 2 wonderful mothers, they have made me what I am today …. in gratitude, I thank u both for the “LIFE” u have given me …. may Allah swt bless u both n grant u the heaven u both so deserve … n to the Man u both married, my father …. AlFatihah … u both may have given me life n brought me up …. but Bah gave me his genes n character … for that Bah , i thank u …. u were a Man much misunderstood but ur Values in life, ur integrity, ur OCD, the perfectionist…. stern n strict ….. i think i inherited ur awesome characters Bah …. to these 3 great persons …. i thank Allah swt for their presence in my LIFE …. alhamdulillah


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