On my way back home i stop by at one of the unknown cafe. They have one small freezer at the corner selling ice cream potong.

I tried the jackfruit which earlier i thought it was a jackfruit flavor. I came to realize it is 100% frozen jackfruit ice cream…..of course with other things lah such as condensed milk etc etc (i always read ingredients on the label though)

I think ice cream potong is our culture, our type of ice cream. Its Malaysian.

Maybe in the future i should introduce ‘ais krim potong’ in our shop and it will become our signature for the shop.

We have sorted out with cold room for the storage and get one corner in our small shop in Jeddah for the front door freezer. As for Madinah and Riyadh wouldnt be any issue because the size would be 4 times bigger than the Jeddah one.

Only after 12 months operation we would think to move our Jeddah into a bigger lot or keep our first shop and have another one bigger.

When all of these materialise…..i can imagine how exciting our shop would be……biaq pak arab mak arab nganga tak tahan tengok macam macam makanan best best ada!

Its all about business…..but its for you my love….Malaysia.


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