while we maintain our unique traditional Pahang design for our Tenun Pahang DiRaja …. we also encourage our weavers to come out with new designs ….. to be innovative …. mix the old n the new …. copy other designs if its nice …. experiment with colors n threads …. 

n i take them with me for educational tour of tenun … we ve done Bali, Chieng Mai n Hyderabad …. n now planning to go to Cambodia …. Sulawesi n Padang plus the Asean Textile Symposium this November in Brunei .

i believe in travel, look , learn , be inspired n copy , n we incorporate 

…. why not ? i want my Tenun Pahang DiRaja to be an Artpiece …. weaving is an art , the designs come from the heart, in whatever moods . 

Unlike other Malay cloth, subjected to their regional distinct design, i want my tenun to be an artistic expression ….. individually different one piece to another…. but most of all is the quality ….

i m also embarking on a book … ” TPP colek designs ” ….. unlike other tenuns, in Pahang , our colek ( be it gold or silver or anyother color/thread ) are cute n small …. that separates us from Songket or other tenunan !

jus use ur imagination, don be subjected n use ur vision …. dare to be different ! 

Sulaiman Abdul Ghani Fatimah Ismail Zakiah Ahmad … thk u for ur belief in me …. for ur support , for teaching n guiding … in reviving a dying art ….


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