My case with CIMB Islamic has become viral which indirectly made PULAU SERATUS today in the highlight. Those who never heard of this place especially people from Kelantan, now they already know.

Alhamdulillah……please visit this pulau, its a wonderful place and superbly beautiful. Dont forget to shop around, buy some kuih kapit, dodol and serunding. Drink coffee at the warung, drink air kelapa muda and coconut jelly. Eat tau foo fah made by the villagers. Buy some handicraft. Try out ‘etok’ and drink ‘air tuak’ (nira nipah). Of course enjoy udang galah and bring back some to your family.

When you want to go there give extra to pakcik bot penambang instead of only RM1. Currently he earns less than 400 ringgit a month!

Indirectly you will help to make their life better instead of earning at average of RM400 per household per month.


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