sy berjalan2 di Pavilion today….. memakai baju kurong…. ada pulak org tegur, “why are u in baju kurong?” ….. to which i answered ” bcos i am Malay” …… 
my question now is ” was i wrongly dressed …. to be shopping in Pavilion wearing baju kurung teluk belanga ,do i need to wear designer or branded clothes to be seen  in an upmarket shopping mall … ”
i am proud of my baju kurong, it is a part of my heritage… a legacy left by my greatgreatgrandfather Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor ….. during his reign, Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga was decreed the official dress for Johor women , it has survived for nearly 200 years !

the intricate tulang belut, ( which is quite similar to the russian herringbone) ….. sewn n hand stitched  …. which is now becoming a dying art , because of the intricacy of the technique , it is becoming difficult to find people who sews handmade fine baju kurung !
unless one champions this, it will die a natural death … thus the need for the revival of baju kurung teluk belanga !
i am proud to be seen wearing it … be it for formal or informal occassions , depending upon the fabric used…. with no padding to enhance the shoulders .
i may wear clothes designed by the renowned  @rizalman ibrahim, but i make sure it is an adaptation of the baju kurung teluk belanga .
through the yrs i have often been ridiculed for wearing baju kurung to functions by many…. i am a strong believer of  KIS ( keep it simple ) n LIB ( less is best) ….. n Dato Rizalman Ibrahim understands me …. being a person of a certain stature n position , i have to adhere to a certain code of dressing ! 
so long live Baju Kurung Teluk Belanga …. i am very sure my late greatgreatgrandfather would  have been so proud of me for continuing his legacy … 
whilst the Indian community still maintains the sari as the daily attire, it is sad to see Chinese hardly wearing the cheongsams these days … i remember a Ms Cheng, my my culinary lecturer who only wore cheongsam to college n the late Mrs Lee Kuan Yew ….. who only Cheongsams !
n jus look at our neighbour across the sea…. the Indonesians proudly wears their national costume to any functions …. all our Asean neighbours maintain their identity via their national costumes!
so we Malaysians, have the kebaya, the kurung, the sari, the cheogsam, the baju kedah, the cekak musang …. should be proud of what we have  which makes us “Truly Malaysia” ….


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