wearing what i m most comfortable in…. the baju kurung teluk belanga …. i can never go wrong with it. 
as a mark of respect for The Sultan of Pahang , who also happens to be my father in law….. i wear baju kurung whenever i seek audience …. the code of dressing when u pay ur respects to royalty, instilled by my parents i think from the moment i started walking !
would i dare in the presence of Sultans n Consorts , wear anything less but a baju kurung …. be it a kebaya or modern/traditional kurung, it must be knee length…. 
during my wedding in Johor,i wore baju kurung for my istiadat berandam, istiadat khatam quran n istiadat bersiram n upon being recieved in Pahang, i wore songket baju kurung for my istiadat adab adapan …. i felt truly a Malay bride ….
jus look at the late Azah Aziz n her daughter Ungku Zetty Akhtar , the former Governor of Bank Negara ( my aunty) …. they always looked immaculate in their baju kurung … 
the late Tengku Ampuan Besar Intan Zaharah of Trengganu only wore baju kurung when she was the Raja Permaisuri Agong … ever so elegant ! my grandmother only wore baju kurung, my mother too n so did Toh Puan Norashikin …. 
n my husband, my hero … The Regent of Pahang….. wears baju melayu cekak musang if not long sleeve tenun pahang di raja shirt …when recieving guests, giving audience or attending functions… not forgetting his Songkok …. 
we must preserved our traditional costumes …. be it the kebaya or the kurung …. for our future generations … it is our identity ! be proud of it Malaysians !!


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