how time flies … its already 4th raya … n insha allah will complete my 2nd day puasa enam today … my ramadan pattern has not changed, we still recite the Quran , get up for sahur n pray Subuh at the mosque in Kota SAS …. alhamdulillah! 

n i m still in my baju kurung teluk belanga …. 

n i told my husband how as a teenager would follow my mother Sultanah Zanariah , to pray Subuh at Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar . we would walk from Coombe Hill to The Masjid…. a half hour distance, jus like from my house to Kota SAS …. like my childhood rekindled ! back then, we had no bodyguards to follow us, jus my mother n us the kids…. Johor was a much safer place then n our house was opposite the prison ! 

n Bobby the dog , would follow us to the mosque… wait for us outside the mosque … he was the bodyguard !!! Bobby was not our pet dog …he was a street dog that decided to move into the compound …. we never touched or played with him but he was loyal n guarded us!!! every morning Bobby would accompany us to the mosque …. 

one day Bobby dissappeared n we actually searched n mourned for him …. 

my house in Coombe Hill was a mini zoo, so Bobby was a member of our animal kingdom ! 

i have fond memories of Coombe Hill…


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