i wish i have pics of Coombe Hill  …. the 4 acre piece of land, situated right in the middle of town… we didn have any neighbours…….. but right across the road was the Catholic Church, the State Prison, the Sekolah Air Molek, the Bus terminal, the Rasa Sayang Hotel , the St Joseph School ….. 
i am a city girl with a kampung heart ! i lived in Coombe Hill for 25 yrs … moved to Bukit Serene for 8 months only n i migrated to Pahang after i got married ,which is now my humble abode…. which is  now my home … !

i don think my father ever wanted to move out of Coombe Hill ….  as King of Malaysia, we were still residing at Coombe Hill ‘

when we were courting , my husband would visit me there, have meals with my parents….. NO SUCH THING AS CAN I TAKE UR DAUGHTER OUT FOR DINNER ! till today, my husband would joke ” ur house was the prison, not the one across the road!”

thus the only reason he moved to the official residence Istana Bukit Serene was bcos, his daughter … the daughter of a King was marrying The Crown Prince of Pahang …. he had no choice n a Princess had to have a Royal Wedding , ….. 

which is why when i talk bout the Johor i grew up in, i always refer to Coombe Hill as my home n not Bukit Serene ….. i was born in Istana Bukit Stulang, the official residence of The Tunku Mahkota of Johor back then …. the only child borned when my father was Crown Prince  …. then i stayed in Bukit Serene for a while after my parents divorced , before my father brought us to live with him n Bonda in Coombe Hill !!! 

Coombe Hill is where we 10 siblings grew up in peace  n harmony … oh yes…. ofcos we fought n we quarrelled ! thats what family is all about ! 

we were so so so naughty …..


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