Someone i love today shared how she had a dramatic weekend and one of her maid broke her crystal antique bowl.
She has few maids and helpers and she has difficulties to figure out who does that.
And i remember when i used to have not a maid but just a helper, few glasses missing, my silverware missing, my antique furniture has scratches, my crystal vase missing and nobody enter my house except him.
Nobody ever came to me and say sorry or at least tell me that it has broken except my hantu juon and jembalang guarding my house.
I have one helper at one time and each time i have something missing either which i presume it was broken or stolen.
And the worst part when i realised my antique chair from Rajashtan broken and its horn totally gone 2 weeks after someone visited my house and no one came to at least apologize except again langsuir came and did. 
Abang Saiful Bahari Baharom has one piece in his house and it was a copy, totally new and mine is an original piece dated from 18th century and it was broken.
Hang tau dak betapa marahnya aku!


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