these pictures were taken at my grandaunt Princess Meriam s funeral in July 2015 ….. a month later my nephew Jalil was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the bile duct n liver … i remember we cried as we hugged each ither n he said “i love u Jing2” ….. it was like he knew he was going ! i miss u Lil , it was ur bday on the 5th of July  n u would have been 27th ….. i went to the mausoleum n read prayers for u n my Babah … may allah swt  bless both ur souls … alfatihah … innalillahwainnailaihirojiun …. i can never forget the way u hugged me with love, u waited for others to leave … an aunty n a nephew jus cried hugging each other … i love u so much Lil !


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