Its the Arab off spring and a plate or two of vermicelli noodle at the palace

It was in the evening, I received SMS from Pakcik Bashir. He seldom send message through SMS,usually he will directly call from many numbers. The message said ‘Tun suruh ngadap pukul 830 malam’ (Tun summoned at 830 pm) .

It is rare as usually granddad will never ask with such kind of summon, the first question usually will be where are you and follow with are you available at this date and time. I asked any reason? Title? the answer…..’No Clue’

Well then, I need to rearrange my schedule. I presumed it must be something important. Its my nature not to ask so much and just do.

I was thinking that I want to drive back to Penang. But then I can imagine how would be tiring if I just drive alone without any accompany. I don’t want to feel the tiring part to drive for 4 to 5 hours, but if I go by flight, I will later have some limitation on movement. Then opportunity cost calculation involve over here. He he this is macro economy term.

I’ve decided not to drive, so I opened up my notebook and start making flight booking and come again which hotel should I stay. At first I wanted to stay at Hard Rock. I never stay there, well anyway I’m Penangeat and I live there anyway. It will sound weird if I stay at hotel where I live….Now that not any more.

I’ve decided to stay at decent nice hotel which is easy for everyone to visit me and easy for myself as well to move around. As usual G Hotel is my top list and favourite and as usual as well last minute booking will not be available. I tried to call Abang Nadut but he does’t pick up his call and online is full.

E&O same as well….. tried to call Marco (Dato’) the GM and he doesn’t pick up.

I remembered that I’m holding VIP Platinum Card by YTL. So I searched which hotel do they own in Penang. Vistana came out….. and I think it’s perfect. Near to almost everything and in the centre.

Then walla…. I touched down to the ground the next day.

Inside the terminal it was covered with plywood as construction is here and there. But I realised that the gate that I’m using was not the usual I always use before. It was a bit farther and the floor looks very new. But I’m not impress with the tiles. It looks cheap just like a normal medium cost apartment that they always use alike. I didn’t pick anything as I just carry hand luggage, so I just straight away to the departure exit gate and Hisyam or  I just call him Syam smiling waiting for me. Personally I was flattered with the new look once I get out from the gate. It looks tremendously huge, what an airport should be look like.

I had a sense that proud and self belonging pride of being Penangeat. Yet, teasing thought came out…owh this what would Lim Guan Eng would claim again that because if his government than the airport is as its such. Hurm at this time….. I was sound myself s so UMNO. But of course fact is still fact.

Hisyam drive me direct to the Hotel… what i wished for.

I check in …… and it looks exactly the same what Vistana has in KL. What I mean is the un-refurbished flooring carpet where you can spot the dirt. If it is on a blanket people might have a dirty thought on it. Oh yes, my eyes always sharp…..

When I opened the door…’Haaaah they upgrade my room’ I said to Syam. Thats what is like to hold a Platinum card. Its good though as I can use the living room for meetings. The room basically is just like a SOHO, it has living room cum dining with separate toilet and TV, sleeping room with TV, another room area for working together with wardrobe and a nice huge shower with both shower and bath tub. Nice……But one thing that I really like Vistana and all YTL hotels chain is their bed. The fluffy birds feather bed which can cause national productivity to go low down and population to go high. He he

Immediately I text Pak Bashir…..’habaq kat Tun husam dah sampai’.


To be cont…..