sharifah aini

My first time to see her eye to eye when she had her solo at Istana Budaya for ghazal concert and I sponsored the music instrument (Turkish gambus & Darabuka drums) as I was an instrument importer those days (the only importer).

Umi was the name that she asked me to address her. As I was very excited during that period of time, the whole week I spend myself at the rehearsal room at IB. I was quite unhappy when a friend of my sister said something that displeasing Sharifah Aini as she was as a singer from Akademi Fantasia Musim Pertama! I still remember that conversation at my sister’s kitchen and I remembered my sister made a shhh sign to her friend as she knows I am a big fan of her.

I remembered that the ticket range up to RM1000 the highest ever sold in IB I think even up to today. Many Sultans and dignitaries came even the Sultan of Brunei. Luckily they gave me one free seat as a complimentary as a sponsor (minor). It was on the lower ground close to the stage. I was a lucky boy.

During form 1 at Al Mashoor, we used to have malam ketrampilan on every Friday night and everyone have to perform. Usually nasyid, reciting Quran & poem will be the choice of my friends where else I chose to be so dramatically different and made everyone including teachers to be astoundingly shock (or weird) listening me singing ‘Bunga Tanjong’ solo! That’s how I got my trademark.

Umi, I did not have much time to cherish with you after that concert as I never put myself into that direction. What I can always remember you always treat us so motherly and you treated me very dearly.

We all will miss you. Al Fatihah…….

PS: I still can sing the Bunga Tanjong well.